We are experts in mowing.  This includes trimming edges and blowing so your sidewalks are clean.  We have newer Ferris and Stihl commercial equipment that is made to get the job completed in a professional manner. A-Dog Industries LLC is committed and focused on improving and making customer properties look manicured one yard at a time. 

Core Aeration

Want a healthier lawn, then we can help with core aeration which takes out soil to increase nutrients, water and air exchange.  We also provide overseeding. Overseeding is done right after Aeration. Aeration can be done in the spring or the fall. 

Bed Edging

Bed edging makes your lawn and yard into a masterpiece.  We create clean lines around garden beds.


Fresh mulch makes your yard look clean and beautiful.  It also hinders weeds from growing around flower beds to help your plants.


Dethatching is done in the fall or spring to remove excess thatch, dead grass, and organic matter from your lawn. It makes your lawn healthy and green eliminating brown spots. After dethatching the thatch has to be picked up and taken away. Following dethatching, overseeding helps to fill in bare spots and promote new grass growth.